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Related post: were improperly made out, and in 1823 a new patent Order Glyburide Online was obtained. 2 rf The preparing and compounding the foregoing vegetable medicines, in manner herein described, and the administer- ing them to cure disease, as herein mentioned, together with the use of steam to produce perspiration, I claim as my own invention." The simplicity of the theories of disease Buy Cheap Glyburide and its treatment, the use of simples, always commending itself to Purchase Glyburide Online the popular mind, and the Cheap Glyburide notoriety attained by numerous law suits, all served to attract attention to Thomson's doctrines. Many editions of his writ- 1 Op. cit., p. 176. 2 Op. cit., p. 243. 304 THE LEGISLATIVE CONTROL ings were published, and agents were employed to travel through the States, selling with the book and medicines a family right to practise for $20.00. " Friendly Botanic Societies " were established, the membership being composed of those who had purchased family rights, and the privileges in which are stated by him as follows: 1 " Every one who purchases a right for himself and family, becomes a member Order Glyburide of the Friendly Botanic Society, and is entitled to all the privileges of a free intercourse with each other, and to converse with any one who has bought a right, for instruction and assistance." Thomson's doctrines were especially favored in the eastern section of Massachusetts, and along the adjacent borders of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. After the publication of his " Narrative" and the employment of agents, he and they travelled ex- tensively in the South and West. Although they were unlicensed practitioners in most States, the laws had no penalties Generic Glyburide sufficient to prevent them from practising. His followers succeeded in securing the enactment of laws by which no person was to be debarred from using or applying for the benefit of the sick person any roots, barks or herbs, the growth or produce of the United States. At first the proviso was added, that they should" be- unable to recover by process of law any debt incurred from such practice. This objection was Purchase Glyburide easily met by obtaining fees in advance. The restriction was of greater value to them for advertising pur- 1 Op. cit., p. 220. OF MEDTCAL PRACTICE. 305 poses in creating sympathy, and we Buy Glyburide Online learn 1 that fci thousands have had their sympathies enlisted in their behalf; have come to believe their senseless clamor, and had their prejudices aroused against the medical profession." Finally, medical schools, called " eclectic," were established by those who were willing to take advantage of Thomson's success, adopting his practice, but avoiding his interference. Thomsonianism prepared the way for the suc- cess of homoeopathy, which proved to be the more effectual agent in annulling the licensing of physi- cians. In the words of Dr. J. "W. Hamilton 2 " It swaggered on the stage long enough to give a wholesome check to the excesses that brought it into being, and proved itself the bloodiest mur- derer that ever visited our too credulous com- munity in the form of quackery." In certain respects homoeopathy bore a close resemblance to Thomsonianism. It represented a reaction from the heroic treatment of the regular physicians, it offered a few remedies, although in palatable form, with such specific and authoritative directions that the family provided with pellet and pamphlet had but little need of the educated physician. Its leaders, however, came from the ranks of the latter, and its followers were to be found among the more intelligent, prosperous and influential members of society. Its adherents in- creased in numbers in the cities and larger towns, 1 Trans. Med. Soc, State of N. Y., 1844-49, VI., 46. 2 Trans. Ohio State Med. Soc., 1867 ; 36. 306 THE LEGISLATIVE COXTEOL and it throve upon the opposition it encountered Buy Glyburide from members of the regular profession. Like Thomsonianism, it called for sympathy on the ground of intolerance and persecution on the part of licensed physicians, and Thomsonianism and homoeopathy combined succeeded "in so emas- culating existing laws regulating the practice of medicine that they became useless, and their removal from the statutes was often sought by all alike. In 1838 Mainland made it lawful for every citizen of the State to charge and receive compensation
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